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Spring 2011 looks very plain on both sides of the gender.. I loved Womens Fall 2010 but eh like someone said above very APCish... i havent boughten anything from them in months..and sold all my older crap.. Each season is looking the same.Cant buy another Vneck sweater edit: but I do want this cardigan! http://thepursuitaesthetic.com/wp-co...1/DSCF2260.jpg
I have tried on both the waders and D1. Im a regular 32 5'11 155lb. The Waders actually fit tighter but just a tad too short due to only having one lenght the the D1 is still actually baggy and not slim..but prob slim for a more muscular guy. I sized up to a 33 cause the 32 were a lil tight at the waste and they were just too baggy in the top block on the waders and D1 still on a search for the perfect fitting chinos. Dont bother with Save Khaki i spent 200 dollars on 2...
looks like they updated the site again and nothing spectacular ugh. Maybe the honeymoon phase for this store has worn off or my style has changed or they turned away from real prep. I do like this though http://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/Ne...1592/31592.jsp
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis lol, are you serious. Is this another of those "real man" size things. Aside from maybe one of their suit cuts nothing is that tiny. Most of their smalls = a 38 chest. I used to fit in the smalls.Which i still have and they fit great..now the smalls I tried on dont even work. And I knnnnnoww I havent gotten fat
I used to shop there all the time in my late teens/early 20's but now everytime I go I see the pricing and go WTF?! I could buy stuff a little more expensive and be happy with it..It's also has turned into that abercrombie kinda of thing where next seasons its going to be the same thing and I was have this mentality of "ill buy it next time it'll still have the same stuff next year" which has led to me not buying anything from them in years but every weekend i Do stop in...
Quote: Originally Posted by hammer07 ^That fella looks like Emma Watson. I thought the same when I was scrolling!
Oooh Jcrew how horrible. You buy your shit from H&m and think your high fashion and know something about substance
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol I love how the guys who almost never post here are also the ones who think they get to dictate how the forum works Uncontrol Your fits suck and I dont know why you all such each others dicks when non of you really have good fashion sense.. People can get seriously turned off by this forum cause you all can be dicks to everyone when you got nothing to really show for it..This forum has started to such...
They just updated a Tommy Ton Gallery at GQ for Milan and all the guys just rock it! Everyone should check it out. Really Beautiful Scarfs and fitted Jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey I think it will look a bit off if you are unable to button the collar (weather you plan to or not). Try slim fit and extra slim fit at BB, or go to another store with trimmer shirts. You can also have a tailor bring in the sides or add darts if you like your shirts slimmer. All my shirts I buy from Jcrew and wherever are pretty tight at the neck but look perfectly slim everywhere else..I tried on...
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