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Just got a pair of Tod's Gommini loafers and wondering what the best suede protectant I should get to put on them. Anyone know which brand the group suggests to use, or any at all? And how should I care for these too? brush them every week or so? I've looked on all the how to stuff on youtube but nothing for these exact shoes.
I've been searching for nice dress shirts for a long time.Im sick of jcrew banana republic club monaco wahtever crap else there is..Looking for MTM Bespoke in the Orange County, Ca this impossible to find for a 28 year old that doesnt have tons of money to blow but will to drop 150 or a lil more for a shirt that actually fits right. I heard things about Ascot Chang in La but dont know if its too pricey?
Quote: Originally Posted by hastur A whole bunch of shirts are gone from the site all of a sudden... anyone know why? maybe they saw all their latest shirts look like crap anymore and going to start over..hopefully.
why dont people just buy at legit stores at full price and never ever have to worry about stuff being fake or not..they only 85 bucks or something.
seeing this thread reminds me why did i f'n buy two of these shirts and thought I was cool last year..waste of 100 bucks. Plus cheapo marshalls/jcpenny whatever brands copy it and now i see it everywhere on greasy guys!!
I go to Macys to walk around and maybe try to find something nice but in my eyes it has turned into a Jcpenny in terms of quality and customer service. In the OC the Main Place Macys is horrible and just caters to like ecko. alfani. calvin klein crap and RL left over stuff... Where SCP Macys has a lot lot more in terms of brands and good deals..but everytime I go in i feel like the quality has declined.Maybe I've gotten older and experience better service and finer things...
Early birthday present for myself amd O camt decide which ones are better. I bought the Parigi but Wifey says they are too greasy and the Main is better..She doesnt like either. They fit like a dream and I love em! me decide which one to keep cause I bought them both or
How long does it take them to make the shirt? I ordered mine on Oct 26 and it's been processed on my cc card but my order is still under process.order. Taking forever. Hope it's worth the wait
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 This thread has really gone nowhere recently. Now we're even talking about crappy Dockers, repeatedly! The only thing I've learned is that a lot people are unhappy with the fit of most readily available chinos. Yet few on this forum ever complain about the availability of good fitting jeans. Why do you think that is? Maybe a better question to ask is why are chinos such a necessity in your wardrobe? In many areas...
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