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Yeah, well I can't lie and did want to be straightforward about the legitimate wear that I put on the shirts on a day to day basis. I guess what was running through my head is that a co-worker of mine shops almost exclusively at Brooke's brothers and he told me that if a shirt ever fails on him that they replace it right away. I realize these two brands are very different in terms of the policies they may have as a result of the target audience (obviously BB has a much...
Hey guys, I've been a long-time reader (read: lurker) of the forum for around 3+ years and after accepting my first job offer, I started to collect suits and dress shirts from several different designers. To make a long story short, I ended up buying 3 suits to start, one of them being by Rag and Bone. I bought 7 shirts (the "Duke" dress shirt) by Rag and Bone to go with my suit. Fast forward a year after my purchase and 4/7 of my Rag and Bone shirts have all split...
Where did you pick up the card case, if you don't mind me asking? It's awesome. I bought this recently because I liked the pattern/texture. I think I like the Tom Ford better.
Rarely poster on here regardless of the subject Conne, but I'm an upperclassmen (undergrad) student living right across the bridge from Georgetown in the West End neighboorhood. Let me know if you're looking for spots with easy-going young ladies . There are a few bars aound here that are worth frequenting and so you can get to know the tenders. The food is overpriced around here but it tastes great if you're not a connoisseur. Have you checked out Founding Farmers at...
Im so frustrated right now, I've searched 'RO Drkshdw bomber mens' in any cominbation you can think of on google. I can't really even find on online retailer that carries any of their pieces, let alone outerwear. Can you give me any suggestions? I've really been looking to get a streetwear-esque down coat of some kind for this winter but its getting late at this point. That RO bomber is exactly what im looking for, as long as it has a hood without fur on it. Anyway......
Damn that IS awesome. RO Drkshdw? What season and where can I check the price tag? Quote: Originally Posted by Lel To be fair, I knew this existed. But it took a couple fit pictures for it to grow on me and realize how fucking incredibly awesome it is on just about every level. It's worse knowing that it's available but out of my reach.
Are the arcs on the Inazumas pink & blue or red & blue? It looks like a cross between red/pink, I'm just not sure I can be caught wearing skinny jeans with pink arcs
Hey guys, I just saw the Wings + Horns fall/winter collection and wanted to get the crewneck. Could someone list online retailers that carry them? I'm not near any of their locations..
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika They are a pair of Maison Martin Margiela suede monks S/S 06. Im really really liking those pair of Margielas you have. Is there anywhere that I could find them or are they long gone from retail?
Is there any chance you can post fit pics on one of the pairs of grey distressed PRPs? Also, what exactly is the whiskering like on that model? It looks like more of a stain than distressing.
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