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Quote: Originally Posted by masterllama sorry you're right, back to jeans. it's not you. by the way, I do agree higher end ibanez guitars are great. I have a prestige sz and a prestige s series. Seriously there's no reason to compare jeans and guitars. They have little to do with each other.
Sure it's technically good, but where's the soul? Post a video of you doing a song by allan holdsworth, jason becker, or maybe some yngwie stuff and then I might be a bit more impressed. I'm messing with you, that wasn't bad for a freshman in high school. really though this thread has derailed into gay guitar wars. This kind of guitar discussion makes me wish I played bass.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I always felt like the thinline was just gimmicky when I played it. Compared to my 90lb tele, it felt like playing a cigar box. I'm not even a tele purist, either, as mine is a plus with lace sensors. I want a deluxe tele in black with the soft gold colored pickguard (maple fretboard). Sexy. But I've already got my american dual humbucker tele, so it'll have to wait. What jean would my Gibson...
if only your feet were at least two sizes larger
Quote: Originally Posted by Caveat Is this directed at me? If so, STFU. The service boot is available on the site, but isn't part of the sale and it's not on the list. Some of us don't read every thread or blog so if there is something about W&H I don't know then I apologize. He stated the boots aren't part of the sale because among other things they're still on pre-order. I'm sure the rest of Wings + Horns is for sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse There is an actual Crocs store in San Antonio. It's the only dedicated store I have seen for the brand and it makes my eyes bleed. really? where!? are you referring to the stand at North Star Mall?
I think it's ok, but far from being good. I wouldn't recommend anyone really take a listen. I'm a big fan of Queens of the stoneage, led zep is ok (not my favorite though), and dave grohl has been in several projects I respect. Most of the songs have them playing the same riff for the majority of the song without "adding" to it. It causes some of the songs to get stale. Given the "talent" in the band though I would have expected a little more from this band.
I've had this pair of jeans since the summer, but never got into them. The fit is great for the type of jean it is, but anything less than really slim-straight jeans does not flatter my lower body. RB11 in a size 31 (dark indigo): Thighs measure rougly at about 11.5 Waist is around a 32 Inseam is about a 32. THEY ARE NEW WITHOUT TAGS, I only tried them on once or twice before they were put away in my closet. I'm looking for $65 shipped...
To answer Magician: I just never really "felt" high on fire. They're a good band, but the riffing style and overall songwriting never really stood out to me. I also feel that high on fire aren't able to really transfer the energy from their albums to a live situation as well as a band like converge can. The last couple songs mastodon played (circle of..., aqua dementia, where strides..., mother puncher) made their set worth it. I like Crack the Skye alright,...
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