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Dropping the price to $130 borrowing a pic from the four horseman website, it is these exact chinos http://www.fourhorsemen.ca/blog/wp-c...hinoolivef.jpg
added some quick pics. I feel it would be appropriate to drop the price to $90dollars shipped CONUS/Paypal'd as well. It seems like a better deal there! oh and borrowing a fit pic from the Fourhorseman website http://www.fourhorsemen.ca/blog/wp-c...ficerchino.jpg
I seriously find it odd that the OP is surprised that some people would spend money on a LV bag while poverty remains an issue. People spend tons of money on basically "worthless" items while others have nothing. LV bags are not the real issue here. and as LA GUY implied, look at yourself. You're concerned with poverty and spending money on "SF-approved" clothing. Where do your priorities really lie?
Quote: Originally Posted by ppllzz cant you just return? 10 dollars off as long as it's in the CONUS! 175US
I'm starting to hate clothing and spending a lot of money.
the movie was good visually, but boring as hell.
Hey guys! I've sold a few jeans here already and I'm putting my Man Without a Country Mauro Pant jeans for sale! They are a tagged size 31. You can hit up Farinelli's or any of the Farinelli's threads if you need the measurements or fit pics. They're great jeans, but I should have bought a size 32 as they were a bit tighter in the top block for me. I have worn them for about 30 mins, so they're basically new! They will come with the leather luggage tag that was...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini For the record, my Tele has two single reds that switch into a humbucker. Hottest pickups I've ever heard. if you want to hear really hot pickups, check out bareknuckle pickups.
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