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I actually really like the collection for some simple, but somewhat neat items. I also prefer S/S to F/W just because I live in a part of the country that is usually really hot. It makes a lot more of reasonable to buy rather than most of the F/W other than maybe one or two warm shirts/jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I love it when you don't even have the slightest clue what the fuck you're talking about and don't bother to even attempt even the slightest bit of research prior to writing, which is 99% of the time. That "boot" is ~.25". yeah all my RRL slim bootcuts honestly fit me like very very slim jeans with a slight flare, just enough to be able to stick a boot in there if I want to. apple bottom jeans,...
p.s. got into a drunken fight a while back with someone who said Sunn O))) sucked. they said they're "not accessible" to which I responded "they're too accessible, asshole" i'm so underground. lulz
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician SLudge/stoner kick Zoroaster Shrinebuilder Sleep Om Going to see Jucifer and Salome in Baltimore next week too. I saw Jucifer a year ago, really fun concert. Not the best, but kind of amusing. Pretty loud. I'm not sure I'd count Om as stoner/sludge. While they're not really the best in the genre, I'm really digging Electric Wizard's Dopethrone. It's just fun, though honestly a lot of...
Quote: Originally Posted by tahonng Resurrecting an old post to ask a fit Q: I read that it fits slim, but would a guy with a 39" or so chest be able to fit into the size S of the lined shirts", like FatMod's. Just saw one on sale for $109, is it worth it to take a gamble? I own a burkman shirt. One of the lined Madras/plaid button ups from FW09. The brand isn't the slimmest I've come across. I wear a small in gap and some j.crew/...
I can't honestly say most wes anderson movies are "quote worthy".
Agreed^ but it's honestly not the biggest pain in the ass. You seem to be able to navigate it without having to jump from page to page (per each classification), so all options are always in front of you, which is neat. Honestly given the general cost of band of outsiders products, I don't see the price point of about $150 to be that ridiculous. Overpriced? sure, but most of their items are, so it shouldnt be that hard to accept.
Quote: Originally Posted by steveoffice what's the inseam just before the crease on the hem? if I'm understanding the question correctly, these bad boys have an inseam (measured from the crotch to the crease/cuff at the hem) of about 31.5 inches.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula measurements? I'm not terribly good at measuring but it came out to roughly Waist - 16inches Thigh - just over 11inches Knee - about 7.5 inches Hem - closer to 7 inches they are of a low-mid rise. THey are pretty slim, for a chino, but by no means a "skinny" pant. I have average thighs and they fit comfortably into these pants. They start to taper after the knee but not to a...
Dropping the price to $130 borrowing a pic from the four horseman website, it is these exact chinos http://www.fourhorsemen.ca/blog/wp-c...hinoolivef.jpg
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