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Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff my current version of jeans and a casual look or I do many different looks with jeans and a t shirt, varying depending on the situation. I'd like to ask where you got that v neck though, seeing as i'm a skinny 19 year old as well and that V happens to look better than most i've come across recently.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc On sale Theory makes decent slim, minimal basics... at reduction, often a decent low-priced alternative to Jil Sander/Helmut/Prada basics... but at full price, definitely not high on my list. honestly, I find that theory on occasion makes some pretty good slim fit dress shirts and pants. I agree with the full price comment though, there are usually several products that are better for the price.
Honestly I feel that black is a fine color, although I can see how people might not appreciate it in certain situations. I say go for it, if you enjoy it. I wear plenty of black, there's nothing wrong with it, although I prefer a dark grey usually.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brood_Star wow! im around the same age, listen to indie music and attempt to be literary sophisticated! we should totally like have sex...... ps do music gurus generally approve of indie music? i'd assume jazz and classical and possibly even world are a given, but indie? First, I'd like to point out that why would approval by a music "guru" influence your decision on what to listen to? If you enjoy it, then...
I've never cared for Rand's works really. There are some high schools that offer latin as a class. Not all US public schools are terrible, it's more of a matter of having some choice and the amount of effort a student puts into learning. I don't think Hemingway would have been indie. The man liked to go on safari in africa, not exactly an indie activity. If i had to suggest something tweed/courdoroy(sp?) jacket (in amber/light brown-ish) button up western...
For the most part, I've found myself using a theory suit within the last couple months and am now looking to expand into new suit territory. The theory suit is a 40R in Charcoal grey with minimal tailoring (sleeves were shortened a little). The pants are 30/32. I'm 5'11" and currently 165 pounds, although i'm looking to lose a bit of weight. before going on to my main subject, will a weight loss of about 15 pounds or so have any affect on my shoulders, in terms of...
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