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Actually if you want to know, the mini-stonehenge scene is supposed to be a play on a black sabbath tour (post ozzy...i believe) in which they had a stonehenge backdrop that turned out to be far too large for most stages.
Dropping to $110 shipped CONUS. Chest (pit to pit) - 20 Shoulders - 18
I bought this shirt from ThinkSimple a few days ago. It ended up fitting too tight for me. I'm def. an XL. I'm selling the size Large. It is New Without Tags. Bought it for around $140US. Selling for $120shipped. Here's ThinkSimple's thread on the shirt (with pics) pm if interested.
i forgot about the converge show and missed it the other day. my heart... luckily i saw them with mastodon and high on fire a couple months ago.
this is pretty badass. I will have to contact you shortly once I get an idea going.
I ended up seeing Nightmare on Elm Street last night (the remake), and the kid who ends up as the lead male character wears what seems to be a Wings and Horns grey tiger fleece zip up cardigan at several points through the middle of the movie. It's a pretty shitty movie, btw. I just thought that was somewhat amusing.
having lived in mexico city, I happen to agree with the above statements. you can find stores like etro, prada, etc. in mexico city but generally the cost of everything is a decent bit more than you would find online, in the U.S, etc.
^ most waiters I've dealt with ask me if I'm interested in desert before the kitchen closes, so that the order can be put in beforehand.
i will drive up to austin shortlyyyy
all these people bitching about summer in NYC. In south texas it's usually near 100 degrees with near 100% humidity almost all summer. stop bitching
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