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Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Theory isn't worth the price if it was free and you got a blowjob from the 18 year old female SA before you left the store. Fuck I'd take ed hardy shirts for free + beej. seriously though, Theory isn't all that great a brand. I own some linen shorts from them as well as a plum button-up. They're okay, but for the money i paid for them (even on sale) they were still too much. I wouldn't buy again...
I'd like to point out the fat thing in san antonio is decently exaggerated. I'm not gonna lie, there are a few fatties here and there, but it's honestly not like everyone is overweight. If you're looking for a city to "settle down" in, it's not really a bad idea. Austin is def. considered the "hip" place to be in Texas though, if that's important to you.
so much san antonio hate. I've lived in san antonio for a good while, enough to know the city. It's not really as bad as some people are suggesting, but not really a great scene for younger people (i'm in my early 20's). There are a few areas in san antonio that have the qualities you're looking for but anything like it can be had in a much better way in austin. That's not to say san antonio isn't worth looking into though. It's cheaper, will have some of what you're...
if the next episode doesn't get things going, i think i'm giving up on the show. The first two episodes of this season have been pretty unimpressive.
haven't seen the original, but i saw this last night. A pretty whatever movie in my opinion. The trailers made the movie seem visually appealing for a horror movie of it's sort, but it wasn't scary or interesting honestly. not worth your time or money, but that's just my opinion.
the first episode of the new season was pretty weak, it wasn't terrible though. It feels like Part 2 of last season's finale. I always feel like the pacing in Dexter episodes is off. I feel like all the important things occur within the last 10-15 mins of each episode.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thrifter Those fit shoes could grow my dick 4", put on 25 lbs of pure muscle, give me flowing fucking locks of hair like Fabio and I would still stay the fuck away from them because they're fucking so ugly. EDIT: EDIT2: I'm sure that model walked her way to 92 lbs in flip flops. Who cares how ugly your shoes are? You just got 4 extra inches and you're extra ripped.
Will there be a pizza stained tote to get the "sf discount"?
i thought district 9 was rather good for it's type of movie. It's relatively original, not terribly cheesy (if you can get over the less-than-subtle apartheid message), and after a while you're able to relate and somewhat sympathize with the main characters and even the creatures. Plus some of the action scenes are pretty badass. on the other hand, cloverfield was a piece of crap. In district 9 they don't try to sell you that the creatures are "scary" while cloverfield...
Honestly though, this guy is being relatively nice about taking criticism. As it has been said you can't really present this as a "clothing line" seeing as you only have a few t shirts and what looks to be one design. It's not really that bad a design, there's a bunch of shirts over at Urban Outfitters that aren't much different. You honestly won't find too many people here that will help you if t-shirts is what you're all about. If you were really interested in...
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