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i'd totally do a harrington. I need to work out a bit, then i'm totally getting a moto and bomber.
bang 'em in the alley nearest to the bar, solves the problem.
dropping down to $45 shipped before I put them up on ebay
dropping down to $70
picked these up from gilt awhile back and didn't end up fitting. forgot to send em back within the alloted time. they're practically new, only worn to try them on. Letting these go for $90 shipped and paypal'd a few other important measurements: waist 14.5" thigh 10.75-11" rise - 9.5" oh and the inseam is about 31.5- 32"
Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven why would someone want their profile deleted? seems so sketchy. how's it sketchy? must I really spam the profile in order to get it deleted?
is it possible to have my profile deleted? if so, could you do that for me PLEASE!
WvG shirt sold. price drops on all items - prices have been adjusted on first post. Thanks!
Spurr Price drop by $15 dollars!
RRLs are sold. WvG shirt price drop by $10.
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