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i got some pedage viva insoles that are pretty great. They are leather soled, thin, and have a plastic but flexible arch/metatarsal support. they cost like 25 dollars, but they fit great in dress shoes. I have had probalems with the heelpad pushing my heels up to high and i get lift, but these dont do that.
the kent wang ones are nice and a good price. I saw a nice set that resembled a large button in white or pearl on the outside. Just get something versatile since its your first set.
pm sent!
why so much influence from your wife? I understand that she might have a personal preference with your wardrobe, but personally I feel that if she saw the shoe you really want, monk strap or wingtip or whatever, in good context (WAYWT thread) that she might be more willing to open up and you can get what you really want.
you should ask for both initially. if you have to eat the cost of shipping it back, then that is fine because paypal will make you do this anyway. Try to get the money directly form the seller because it takes about 3 weeks to get your money back. the only drawback i can think of is the 3% fee that you will be charged if they send you the money back. Does anyone know if there is a "refund" option in paypal?
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemeup I will email the seller first and ask how she wants to handle it. But if she tells me ship it back to her then she will refund my money less shipping, and then expects me to eat the initial shipping charge and then the charge to ship it back to her, should I refuse to do that and then open a Paypal dispute? I think that you should act rationally, contact the seller and give them the facts as you have...
I just pick up a new pair of AE park avenue form the B&S forum. while i like the shoes alot, the soles are stiff! how long do they take to break them in? is there something about AE's that make this stiff? it's been a while since I've had leather soled shoes. I might have to wear these more than I intended initially to get them broken in.
the design changes every year to reflect what the graduating class has gone through/ major milestones. the overall looks is always the same, and the bever usually holds symbolic stuff. in the pic above, the beaver is in front of some new mit buildings, holding a diploma and an hourglass. the brass rat is cool because of tradition, and many of the graduate's friends/co-workers/social circle recognize it. they are also issued at the end of sophomore year, and about 90% of...
I saw some beautiful shoes like these in nordstrom on one of the sales guys. he said they dont sell them anymore, but i forgot what the name was. any ideas? its a brown double monk captoe with a pointier toe. it wasnt a santoni.
I agree. I used to do detailing on the side and it makes a huge difference on the perception of the care that you put into the car. Steamcleaning is the way to go on the interior and engine bay if possible. If the interior is leather, and quick brush over with sopay water workes well. also shampooing the floormats is quick to do.
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