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Posts by lmaligaya any thoughts? is this the end of Brioni quality? I havent had much experience with their clothing, but i am sure many will have an opinion here.
great question, i was wondering the same thing.
sometimes i wonder about the fit as well. I got some AE PA's a few weeks ago and they are so stiff! such that they want to pull my heel out if i roll it. however, i test out a new shoe fits by walking in them and also sitting in them with the heels up a few inches. if it feels alright you're good to go. the ball of your foot at the widest past is great advice too.
most dept stores are made to sell to the masses. thus, the shoes are looser with square toe to accomodate more people. on the forum, members always talk about fit, but clothes that are too loose are always more comfortable than those that are too tight. so thats why you see the square toe made by mass manufacturers with excess room at the tip.
i feel like this forum isnt that fast to warrant it. I would like to see subforums for location though, to facilitate a sense of local community.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Um ... I can't see my monkstraps fastening with anything but buckle. When walking, there's a fair amount of pull in that region above the instep that a magnet or snap button simply wouldn't be able to withstand. I guess a regular button would be kinda neat. Would suck if it fell off though I would disagree. I used to have basketball shoes that fastened with a magnetic buckle and a monkstrap type flap to cover...
monkstrap style shoes with buttons or snap buttons or magnetic attachments instead of buckles.
well, its easier to dress a man down when you are overdressed than it is for a woman. so i always lean towards overdressed. Take off the coat, tie, rolls sleeves, whatever the scene requires. they are pretty cheap. Maybe i should get some myself.... I kinda like having my shoes out on display though.'
if you like the alden's can you consider darkening it with polish?
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