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thanks extempore. you have taught me something today with the beef roll. :-)
i wear these and am 21 years old: They are pointier in the toe and less traditional than penny or tassel loafers. However, they are often described as penny loafers or monks for reasons i am not sure of. the only drawback to these is that they are the preferred shoe of John McCain, but he is trying to be young like me.
i think that falls under the category of blatantly obvious, and i would therefore not reccomend it. Thanks for the pic.
goodlife, do you have a pic of a sportcoat over a down vest? I am having trouble imagining it. thanks
I would. Not that one though. i think that the integrated bracelet is for more special occasion watches, but not necessarily more formal.
can we get a pic of this deployment everyone is talking about? if it is somthing like this: then i don't see what the big deal is if it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. as far as the logo is concerned, i wouldnt worry about it too much (i am assuming you can buy these generically?) unless it is blatantly obvious and guady. here is a good axample of a basic seiko, with lizard band and butterfly clasp which is...
10.5D. thanks
sounds like you have found alot of free time that you don't know what to do with? do you have a hobby? for me, working on cars is something that i can do to no end, it keeps me happy, and makes me happy when i am down. try to find something to do by finding something new and interesting. spend some time wandering your local bookstore/magazines. i'm sure you will find something. also, don't discredit your one friendship so fast, they are hard to come by. best of luck
wooden ones please. let me know what you got. the more you are willing to sell, the better. Thanks!
just happened to me on an adress to an APO. was there anything special about where the item was being sent?
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