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Shoes are back up for sale. 100 shipped to the continental us.
price lowered from $125 to $100
Barely broken in pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Melody Pebble Grain oxfords in 10.5D These shoes are in tip top shape and leather has no scratches or scuffs. Always kept shoe trees in them, and I only wore these maybe 7 times. The sole is black rubber, and the leather is Black Nero Pebble Calf. The pictures below are a fair representation of the shoes conditions. I have been a member for a few months now, and my buy and sell transactions are detailed in my...
the chukkas are stunning. nice work
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Yeah - they were in a weird spot in the store - I needed the manager to help me find them. Awesome deal! I didn't find that you could widen or lengthen them based on what I saw - I even got my tools out and had at it. just loosen the one screw holding the split toe. itll come out by like 1/4 and still be snug.
use a razor (shaver)
photoshop works wonders. mannequins in stores have that fit too with pins in the back. I would be suspicious, but looks good nonetheless
i hyave found these slightly too small for my size 10.5 shoes. i would say that 10 is actually the upper limit. However, if you loosen the screw holding the split toe (on the side) to widen them, they are ok.
just pop it out. the bumper is plastic. if it isnt cracked, see if a body shop can spot blend it for you. it might be cheaper than your deductible.
Any particular places i should go to? I would rather stay in the northern suburbs but any input is appreciated. thanks
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