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Wow, those are the exact boots i would want. and in my size too! very nice.
White. i have a red one and would trade it for the GPW onw in a heartbeat. silver is too common, although to the untrained eye, there are 2 shades. Silverstone and Sebring. I like the darker one (I think its Silverstone) better. Tan interior is ok but definately makes it look less racy.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Howard Yount leather wallets $89 Quote: Originally Posted by jc138 I've been looking at these myself. Does anyone have a photo of the wallet out in the wild? How slim is it? Is there a Howard Yount styleforum discount? thanks! wow, that may be exactly what I was looking for. Can you post pics if you have one while its loaded?
How about this Omega in the FS forum? Not quite white face, but may be too good of a deal to pass up for a quality wind-up.
you can also try calumet. ive had decent luck with finding some things there
Leather insole with arch support, and heel cushion and metatarsal pad. I only tried these on for 5 min, but decided they werent for me. $12 shipped in the continental us. here is a link to the amazon page. please pm me for pics if you are seriously considering\\ cheers
60 shipped in the continental us.
All Sold!
$15 a pair plus shipping. These trees are NIB. I can provide a discount on shipping for multiple sets, or by shipping in a smaller (non original) box. Paypal only and shipping to the continental US please. 5 pairs available. located in boston. see my signature for people i have done business with on the forum. thanks!
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