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OP, you seem to be confident in wearing a bow tie. Go for it. Based on how you describe your current wardrobe you should be able to pull something like this off: Some better fitting pants (denim or slacks doesn't matter) and smarter shoes and you will be all set. You can always take the tie off if it needs to come to that. I agree with the ideas that the tie should be the most formal part of the outfit and not the loudest either. At least at first while you get...
Yeah, the toes will wear out as you step forward. The only way the toes wont wear is if you "march" and step flatfooted. Anyways, why would you want to do a rubber toe tap? it seems like the durability of rubber is similar to leather and the extra seam is an additional point of failure for delamination and wearing out. While I think that metal caps look nice, i heard they are loud and can be slippery depending on your gait. My shoes with nails on the heel are incredibly...
I disagree on the formality. Wingtips are traditionally less formal than bluchers or oxfords, so the suede, thin soles, and last shape of those shoes make it much more casual. They do look nice though. How is the quality on them? Last time I was in paul smith I found the quality of their leather questionable but the suede may be a non issue. Are they welted?OP, how do you feel about austerity brogues? That may be a good middle ground to for interesting wingtips.
Hi, do you have a fashion forward style? AE/Alden/EG are pretty conservative styling whereas Ferragamo's are more fashion forward. Your statements being "bored" of AE makes it sound you may like Sutor Mantellasi, Carmina, or Santoni. Not sure if that's what you are looking for though. The Alden's in plaza last look nice and not boring imo.
I used to rock em with the 23-26" widths + embroidered back pocket. I was in grade school though. haha
have you guys seen http://textfromdog.tumblr.com/ ? Pretty funny stuff!
Hi folks, thought I'd share my '83 Peugeot PSV-10 with Stronglight crankset and Super Vitus tubing. This thing is light! Anyways, I need to replace the handle grips and seat. I am having trouble deciding what I want though it terms of color and seat model. Any comments for or against a Turbo or a Concor? I am a recreational rider for the most part. Thanks! L
Let's get back on track here. OP, What is your budget? Preference for leather band, or link? how hard to you plan to take it on this watch? Do you want to wear it on vacation/on a boat, or will this be worn to school/work and outings in the city only? There are plenty of watches, new and old that are in the 36-38mm range that should fit you quite nicely and fit the bill. For under $1k you can't go wrong with a vintage seamaster or mid century-style watch. A thinner...
I'm not an expert but it seems like there is too much fabric in the trap area.
What's your size? If you are smaller than a 40 or larger than a 46 you can find some great deals at Nordstrom Rack, NM Last call, etc. Are you planning on going to the premium outlets in Aurora? You can also check stores like Mark Shale in Northbrook or Paul Stuart downtown, they may be a little spendier, but their selection will be unique. The are consistently on the best men's stores list for Chicago. Who knows, maybe you will find something to fall in love with. Good...
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