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The Charvet tie (#16) is nice. is that light blue or great that is with with purple?
haha, from the fake tramezza listing: Q: \tYo, I've got some big-a$$ feet. WIll these shoes fit me, and will the soles slip off the clutch pedal of my Lamborghini? Help a brutha out, will ya? \tOct-25-08 A: \tYes. Without a doubt these shoes will indeed fit you. You can barely make out inside the shoes where Mr. Ferragamo has inscribed 'Dezz shoes are-a on-a-ly for-a da guy with-a zee beeg azz-a feet-a and-a I guarantee-a dezz shoes not to-a slip-a off-a da Lamborghini...
Hi Running Beagle, I noticed in your other thread that you meantioned a reasonable bespoke place in Wellesley. are you referring to the one in MA? If so, what place are you referring to? I am from cambridge myself.
you have a beautiful selection there!
filipino myself, check the user name. haha. I am still new to the forum
Quote: Originally Posted by aerether Turned down Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, and UPenn (among others) for MIT. Let's see how this turns out. (check back in half a decade ok?) Hey, I'm a senior in Course 2 here at MIT. Are you there for undergrad or Phd? I would agree with most of the sentiments in this thread about access to resources, the diverse/intellectual people that you will meet. On top of that, the student have accomplishments...
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