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Are you interning this summer? I would say they are fine. Not too blocky or fashion forward and still look to be in decent shape. You may get some people telling you to buy Park Avenues NOW but I don't see it as a necessity for an internship. When they wear out or later in the summer you may want to upgrade to something you like from AE/Peale/CJ. Remember shoes will also last much longer if you rotate, use shoes trees, and keep the leather supple. If you will be in NYC it...
yeah, the dept stores in NYC have everything and are much bigger than the ones in the usual 'burbs. I would start in SoHo. It's a good shopping experience and vibe. Have fun!
I think supply and demand is correct. I would argue the loafer is more seasonal and wouldn't be the first or second shoe a man would gravitate to. I think many loafers also have rubber soles which do not hold their value well. Snedley, If what you say is true then there would be an overabundance of nice loafers in the thrift shop.
Not 100% mutually exclusive but for the sake for discussion "wingtips" have the full broguing and winged toe cap, whereas the "bluchers/oxfords" are more plain but can vary in designs. The majority of wingtips i have seen have the blucher style upper but once in a while there are closed like oxfords. Sure you have the in between stuff like medallion toe cap, punch caps, austerity brogues, half brogue, etc. etc. but the term wingtip is pretty specific imo.
This guy?
Parcel post can take up to 2 weeks in my experience but your situation still wounds fishy. Hope you get it resolved
Hi, I have been in sales for a little more than 2 years and my advice is to be well put together but there is no need to go "all out" depending on the industry. Clothing shouldn't scream "expensive" it should project confidence and style. You don't want to be so dressed up to make the people uncomfortable either. Your personality and how you open is also key. Will you be in inside or outside sales? It will take some time to develop your sales style and all of this will...
I think the current X5 looks nice. I have the older version in 5 speed, and while it looks a little dated it's classy imo.
Scored a cotton LL bean blue blazer. Just in time for the summer! I was actually looking at them online last night too.
I had this problem. I couldnt never get the crease symmetric left vs right or perfectly straight in the middle. Took my pants to the dry cleaners for a clean and press and they came back perfect. L
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