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Nice pics! looks like a memorable trip
What's wrong with Stowa? I think their watches are very handsome. You can also get the Chronometer ETA movement in them. Personally I would rather have a stowa than a comparably priced seiko or Hamilton or Tissot. I find them boring and ubiquitous for the most part.
Hi, AE is an excellent baseline. Moving up in $$$ will yield less and less marginal utility in economics speak. If you like the look or fit of a shoe that is 100-200 more that AE PA, sure go for it if you can afford it. Buy the shoes for yourself if it makes you feel good. Since it sounds like you need a staple shoe going with AE/CJ/Alden/Peale are all safe bets for work shoes. You may want to read this thread:...
I have been driving on manual since I was 16, about 9 years ago and I won't have it any other way if I can help it. Enjoy the manual trans while you can. I have owned an Integra, S2000, Forester, and 3 series wagon in stick. My current car is a X5 in speed manual. As long as the demand in europe is there, I think manual will be around for another 10-15 years. There used to be the argument that manual was faster, lighter, and less maintenance but that is not quite the case...
I bought a thick end grain board from overstock not too long ago. If you watch the sales and free shipping deals they got you can get 20 bucks off and free shipping. Beefy like Boo's blocks at a fraction of the price. I expect it to last a realllllly long time. The only maintenance it needs is mineral oil. If you go wood, it should be end grain or it will splinter after a while.
Where you located? Perhaps you can find a local artist to paint some flowers or something special onto a nice bottle of wine.
I built a smoker out of a weber portable grill and a tamale pot.
I have lower arches than "normal" and I have issues with a wide enough toe box, and wide enough arch area. AE, Park ave (not sure of the last name) fits me well and the contruction is there to support modifications such as moving the arch support back by a competent cobbler. You cannot do this easily with crappier shoes. The other benefit is that companies like AE/Alden build many shoes on certain lasts so you can have a better feel for fit.
It's better to have a well fitting highly shined park avenue than taking a chance on an ill fitting patent oxford for the sake of tradition. I assume you will want to dance and using your own shoes to party in is the best option. Look up some methods to build the glaze on the toe caps and you will be all set.
No, most interns will be wearing a black suit, ill fitting shirt, and cheapo ugly shoes that are "comfortable." Once you start a real job in finance you will have the means to buy whatever shoes you wish. I have seen that the younger guys will buy Prada, Gucci, or Ferragamo before learning about quality shoes.
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