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I think the coat has more longevity, ie - you can wear it in your 30s provided thats your style. The jacket however only looks like it belong on 20ish year olds.
You can try to join some teams or organizations. Sports teams if you want to meet guys, dance classes if you wanna meet girls. Volunteering during the weekend is also a great way to meet new people.
I actually sort of enjoyed reading that, I liked her candor and honesty, but she did seem angry about something. But yes, pics of your friend is neccessary.
Dutch oven you say?
190 10%bf. It's hard to say what looks good. You could look great at 170 or 220 as long as your body fat is low. Some would say 170 is too skinny or 220 is too big... it's all in the eye of the beholder.
Quote: Originally Posted by finesse lol 3 bumps and he still doesnt realize this. hilarious. maybe he doesn't give a shit since he's selling it anyways?
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need to download moar ram
Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl This jacket has been worn then? How is your personal hygiene you look a bit suspect hahaha.
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