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Received this sportscoat from a forum member today, just didn't fit my body quite the way I'd liked, so I'm putting this back up. Sold pending payment! Measurements (measured by the previous seller,here's the link to his sales thread): TOC: 30 3/4 in BOC: 29 1/4 in Shoulder: 16 3/4 in Arm: 24 in + 1 in to let out Chest: 19 in across Waist: 18 1/4 in across a small pull on the inner arm lining, refer to the previous seller's thread for more...
just wear what you wore when you met her the first place. Don't change your whole wardrobe just because it's a date, that's so try-hard.
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer Yeah I think you're right. Kobe Bryant wears a suit very well, but Phil Jackson looks like Frankensteins uglier brother. If you want to see a basketball player who who wears poorly fitting suits look no further than the GOAT. The suit that Jordan wore to his hall of fame induction is comically huge.
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer I thought it was wide shoulders, narrow waist. The whole triangle thing. But not exaggerated like basketball players who generally look crappy in suits. basketball players look crappy in suits mostly because they buy the wrong sizes. Lebron, who actually wears suits that fits, looks great.
wow... threadcrap more guys?
Quote: Originally Posted by jherr2100 this guy is looking fly in his barbour take away that cig and he just looks pregnant
how much do the scarves retail do you think?
The writer is great at pointing out what we already know: the period of fertility unfortunately coincides with the mental peak of a woman's life. However, to advocate marrying right out of highschool or during college is downright stupid. Reason: being more physically attractive =/= finding a better husband.
Quote: Originally Posted by EZETHATSME It looks nice, not "female." However I'd look for something a bit cheaper and use the savings on hookers and blow EZ fix'd
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