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Price drop
Purchased from a forum member recently, tried it on, and it just doesnt look good on me. This is a very popular design that I see in stores all the time. Previous owner said this was only tried on by him. Practically new. Frame color is black, lense is black with a gradient. Original case not included; will ship with a Barton Perreira case. $50 shipped. --> $OLD!
Quote: Originally Posted by rjones416 im confused about the tapering but can i get size 36x34 jeans to fit like a 34x32? yes
Quote: Originally Posted by razl As always, there are exceptions to every rule. I present, the Denim Sportcoat by Cesare Attolini And if you really must have it, the bidding starts at $1699: (not affiliated with the seller, but wish I was...) That's not denim, just the color resembled denim. Its actually 46% Cashmere, 26% Silk, and 28% Linen.
I honestly think you'd look pretty decent with a buzz (I have a buzz). Summer's coming up, try it, you might like it!
Thanks for doing this AnGeLiCbOrIs!
a can of tuna cooked in 2 cups of instant oatmeal.
I feel my biceps being worked when doing chin-ups as opposed to pullups.
Quote: Originally Posted by peachboy please post some pics, I can't see anything from that thread.thx. pics works fine on this end. Is anyone else having problems viewing the pictures?
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