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What is the reason that Ferraris from the 60s fetch such a high price?
Quote: Originally Posted by sjd Look at the number 1 selling car in the U.S. it's the Toyota Camry, a car that has no style and is pretty bland from a design standpoint. But it sells because it is a road appliance, a toaster on wheels. It's meant for going to point to A to point B and be reliable. Most people don't want to stand out, which is why most cars are silver or black. When Chris Bangle and Adrian Van Hooydonk redid BMW's design language people...
Price drop
wtf, i loved the music from Gladiator and Black Hawk Down.
Bought one. Was actually REALLY loud. I had headphones on when I opened one and the noise from the bag completely drowned out the music from my headphones. Definitly not something to take into a class or a meeting.
Quote: Originally Posted by uvmboi13 OP...That stuff was worth $80 back in 2005 and by 2006, it was dead. You could still sell the CD and keys and just charge a small price like $20 for all of the account stuff. yep, of course I'm not going to make the price anywhere close to $80, I was just quoting what some websites would have charged for these items (d2legit, d2items, etc). Since there do seem to be some interest in this, I'll sell...
Ok, not sure if selling non-physical items is against the trade forum rules, but I have a diablo 2 account for sale. Included is a set of working cdkeys (both classic and expansion), as well as a decked out level 86 "barbarian" character. The character is based in the West Softcore Ladder realm. Items included (for those in the "know"): 1) Grief Zerker (36/389) 2) Dusk Enigma (15% sup def, +774, 1312 def. One defense away from being perfect) 3) Beast Zerker...
price drop
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