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Saw it yesterday against my better judgment. Not something I would watch again, too many cringe-worthy moments and failed attempts at humor. Chris Rock was virtually non-existant in this movie, and the rest of the cast was bland as well. Thumb down.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sebb Hi all, sorry for the newbie spam, but this site looks pretty cool and I wanted to ask this question: Should a guy who was recently dumped ever tell his ex that he's seeing someone new for any purpose? e.g. make her regret/start to win her back/lay the foundation for a friend w/benefits, etc? My ex and I, after a 1 year relationship, haven't communicated in the last 4 weeks since our breakup. I'm not sure I...
price drop
measurements on the size 30 raw diors?
price drop
he looks like he's going to a high school prom lol.
Recently purchased this from a forum member. Found them a little too big. These are factory seconds due to a small blemish on the bottom of one of the soles, but they are perfect otherwise. They are on the #0 Last, which is an elongated last that’s slightly wider than the #5 (the Park Avenue last). These pictures are from the previous seller. I've only slipped on one of the shoes on carpeted floor and found that they are not my size. As you can tell by the soles,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brothersport MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Blake Lively. Also, Leighton Meester looks JUST like Tori Black. Tori Black is more interesting fap material, anyways. Tori Black is hotter. There, I said it.
Thanks guys. It's actually gone already, just forgot to update my first post.
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