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no less than 8.
bring a paper bag.
Nothing is wrong with the chest. This is not a sack suit.
look pretty spot on man, good job!
half way through the book right now. Goddamn William is a little bitch.
Quote: Originally Posted by razl No, I think you're right in thinking it was Taco Bell Hell Smell. I vaguely remember "sales" like that - in fact, I think I bought an extra couple of burritos those 2 weeks how would the attendee react when you tell them that you wanted 40 burritos?
epic. Granted, the last movie I saw was Grownups so my standards may be skewed towards the low side, but Inception was brilliantly entertaining. Would watch again.
at first i thought the title was "shanked butthole". Ahh my perverted mind!
Quote: Originally Posted by kwiteaboy How would these help? they don't. The only real advice here is the one telling OP to use gloves. Get Harbingers, they are legit.
Saw it yesterday against my better judgment. Not something I would watch again, too many cringe-worthy moments and failed attempts at humor. Chris Rock was virtually non-existant in this movie, and the rest of the cast was bland as well. Thumb down.
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