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Quote: Originally Posted by tidyties Do you still have this suit? over a year ago... really??
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Wow. 100 people. What an enormous sample of facebook users from which to draw conclusions. I haven't read the article, but if random sampling was used, 100 people is more than enough to draw conclusions.
this thread as potential.
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD lol i'm the exact opposite: i'll only buy sneaks not over $75. I had a pair of near $300 common projects (i loved them) the gray low perforated ones), but I just was freaked out about messing them up. If I spend something lower than $25 (retail not on sale) something like feiyue then i feel like i'm trying too hard to achieve "its soo cheap its kewl!" look. to the OP... those gucci sneaks look like nurses...
Danier (Canadian only) offers jackets at that price-point when on sale. Quality is alright.
dozing off in the backyard with a good book in the light summer afternoon sun.
Damn.. you REALLY went on a craze lol
Quote: Originally Posted by 815huxiaojiang Very good-looking glass, and my desk and began to see my thought is my home? post of the year.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrumhalf Sly at 64... da-yum.... that's sixty-effin-four years old, boys and girls... he looks 20 years younger... I guess the GH really helps slow down the aging process.. goddamn look at those veins.
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