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Quote: Originally Posted by ALFAMALE I like the 100 lb weights that have holes in them... what do they actually weigh, 15lbs? what the fuck are you talking about? Those are Ivankos.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter listen to your pop, never leave home without rubbers (I know nothing about your problem there... but I suspect put in some trees they'll be fine) how would trees help with soles? (just curious).
check out Mark James on broadway, they carry some higher brands.
Troll thread. David, you know better.
That huntsman really looks good on you.
wish it was a 8.5E..
Quote: Originally Posted by urymoto law is horribly boring...its really bad Thanks for that informative insight. Please, do come again.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Do something memorable. Go skydiving or mountain climbing or some such shit. The stock market is for suckers. THIS: That or save for retirement.
the shoulders and chest measurements makes it seem more like a Small or a Medium..
Hey guys, I've recently decided to take up running to increase my overall fitness level. I've been told that because I have fairly mild-severe flat feet, unless I choose the proper shoes, my knees will go to shit. I know there are quite a few runners on this board, any recommendations (preferably from personal experience) would be great! Thanks.
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