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Hey guys, quick question: I went to moores the other day and got measurements, my neck size is 15 and sleeve length is 33. Now I'm looking to buy some shirts from other members of the forum, but the sleeve lengths for the shirts in the BS threads are all in the 20s.. what number does my 33 correspond to? Thanks.
make sure that you're in a confident stance (chest out, back straight) the whole time. Just the act of standing confidently will instill confidence in you due to biofeedback mechanisms.
Can I wear it as a pendant?
The Departed Gone Baby Gone Fight Club
Great thread. I'm in the market for a well fitting dress shirt for upcoming interviews. I'm 6.0', 175 lbs. 37in chest and 32in waist.. what label/brand should I direct my attention to?
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius Lots of great stuff. But you need to state an asking price for each item... He said he sells them for 75% off retail in his first post.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluser I used to live in the UAE, and let me tell you... The "locals" attitude towards people of other cultures/ethnicities/religions is sad... The level of arrogance is of the charts! In what ways?
I must say, that is a beautiful jacket.
Clean up your eating habits. That + cardio + lifting will get you the body you want. There's no such thing as "spot cardio"; either full body or nothing.
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