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make sure that you're in a confident stance (chest out, back straight) the whole time. Just the act of standing confidently will instill confidence in you due to biofeedback mechanisms.
Can I wear it as a pendant?
The Departed Gone Baby Gone Fight Club
Great thread. I'm in the market for a well fitting dress shirt for upcoming interviews. I'm 6.0', 175 lbs. 37in chest and 32in waist.. what label/brand should I direct my attention to?
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius Lots of great stuff. But you need to state an asking price for each item... He said he sells them for 75% off retail in his first post.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluser I used to live in the UAE, and let me tell you... The "locals" attitude towards people of other cultures/ethnicities/religions is sad... The level of arrogance is of the charts! In what ways?
I must say, that is a beautiful jacket.
Clean up your eating habits. That + cardio + lifting will get you the body you want. There's no such thing as "spot cardio"; either full body or nothing.
How are arcteryx seen here on the forums? They seem to be very good quality.
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