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Can you provide some better pics and measurements on the jacket? Perhaps a fit pic?
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu some say they are overpriced when you can just run OSX on a white box since they run on x86 now, but I think its worth it. lol.
Congrats Steven! Hope your business prospers! A little tip though, you should center the "New York" text on your webpage. As a graphic designer, it just looks a little "off" to me when it's not centered. Nice looking suit.
you don't care about the size?
Is it nessesary to brush after every wearing? Anyone else?
I've recently bought a velvet blazer (thanks A Guy from Shanghai). Having never owned anything velvet before, I'm would like to know how to best care for such a garment. My first question would be whether sitting while wearing it damage the fabric over time (crush the velvet?). Any other imput would also be helpful. Thanks. Tom
I too dislike my voice. Is anyone aware of any programs that can improve one's voice?
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday They're above the photos in the first post. I think kaxixi means to say that OP should post his body profile.
Can a Canadian join?
double post
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