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can the pants of the CK be let out to a 32 inseam?
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt $6k for Sartorio wool? It's ugly anyway. Isn't this the definition of "thread-shitting"?
often kneed there, while playing basketball.
I wrote a paper on coping with RA in Health Psych so I'll offer what little insight I have.. One of the most common complications of RA is depression, and depression has been shown in studies to intensify pain experienced. This is especially dangerous because it forms a negative feedback: progression of disease --> greater disability --> decreased self-esteem/self-efficacy because they are not able to do the things they used to do --> depression --> increase intensity...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag Yo, I just had this e-argument with my boy from Chi: CP for Rose straight up. Would you do it? Hell yeah. Remember... CP was a legit MVP candidate just last year. Rose is good, but you can't put him in the elite level just based on one game.
You're only giving them power when you look. Don't.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Are you just making this shit up? He's not. Voice and facial symmetry are both strong indicators of attractiveness (infact, voice has a higher correlation with # of sexual partners than waist-to-hip ratio). In terms of behaviorial and evolution psychology, scoring high in both these features is good indication that the person has good genes, which was able to overcome stressors during development.
nice jackets, too bad in a 38. azianboy8: really? They'd fire you for wearing a DB?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kd88 jacket shoulder measurement 18.25. Really? That's pretty wide for a 38.
Can you provide some better pics and measurements on the jacket? Perhaps a fit pic?
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