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Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl This jacket has been worn then? How is your personal hygiene you look a bit suspect hahaha.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kd88 blazer measurements shoulders are about 19 inches sleeves are about 26 inches The Ralph Lauren shirt fits like a true large, I will post measurements later. you might want to recheck the shoulders. A 36, especially a slim 36 should have a 17-18in shoulder.
Why are you guys giving him shit? He's trying to help out.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Very odd - over 35 years of bespoke with various tailors I have never experienced such a crude process. Process is one thing, but its the results that matters, and I'm willing to give David Reeves the benefit of the doubt.
wow, u must be a big guy. The suit looks good on you.
Whelan Johansson
25 Whelan 26 Dawn 27 Lima 28 Johansson
If I were to buy a pair and I usually wear sz 32, should I size up to a 34 in Incotex and Mabitex?
Are those your pics? If so, they are nice.
Hitch is really good.
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