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Quote: Originally Posted by Kd88 blazer measurements shoulders are about 19 inches sleeves are about 26 inches The Ralph Lauren shirt fits like a true large, I will post measurements later. you might want to recheck the shoulders. A 36, especially a slim 36 should have a 17-18in shoulder.
Why are you guys giving him shit? He's trying to help out.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Very odd - over 35 years of bespoke with various tailors I have never experienced such a crude process. Process is one thing, but its the results that matters, and I'm willing to give David Reeves the benefit of the doubt.
wow, u must be a big guy. The suit looks good on you.
Whelan Johansson
25 Whelan 26 Dawn 27 Lima 28 Johansson
If I were to buy a pair and I usually wear sz 32, should I size up to a 34 in Incotex and Mabitex?
Are those your pics? If so, they are nice.
Hitch is really good.
Had the pic saved on my computer, but no name. Irregardless she is fucking hot and I want to see more of her.
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