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Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Dog Day #49 jil jean measurements? and a pic showing the whole jean, if possible.
I can't believe no one has said Gladiator yet. Probably the most quotable movie of all time.
pics anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl +1 Yet another monotone ass boring athlete with no personality. He's been coddled for so long he can hardly talk. Who gives a shit what he wears? Really. Op? Why on earth do you give a shit what some overpaid dumb fuck athlete like LowBrow wears? Cavs fan?
Quote: Originally Posted by makker Thanks for the advice again. In general terms, how does a guy show his interest towards a girl without being desperate anyway? A small chat, asking to go out and if the girl says yes/no its all off from there? pretty much, its more or less a numbers game broski
diesel jeans: $100 walmart tanktop: $6 club monaco shirt: $25 nike socks: $6 chuck lows: $60 random toque: $10 Grand total: $207
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius I'm a self proclaimed expert in these matters, so allow me step in and help. First off, you did VERY well by being up front with her about wanting to take her out to dinner and not wanting to wait 6 months, etc. Your second move was a mistake, where you became whiny and a little "married man" by calling her sweetheart and asking about her day. No guy cares how a woman's day went, don't act like you. Here's...
definitely some cool stuff in there. Good post, thanks.
all eyez on me - 2pac
^ the overall fit is much better, although now the sleeves are a bit short. Do they sell 15/33 or 15/34s?
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