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Bud longneck.
I just bought the 256 in tan for a daily use to and from work bag. I am a lawyer who carries documents frequently. Love it.
"Probably not, but then what's the point of it all. That nothing happens to this guy? I go back to my earliest feelings about this show - who the hell am I supposed to care about?" Nobody is making you watch.
Love the Nico jacket.
I thought I read about this on this forum earlier, but maybe it was another board. The link below has information about Obama's watch(es).
Quote: Originally Posted by Kai Which Brigg briefcase did you buy? Which color? Which style? I have owned a leather brief bag made by Atlas of Boston for 13 years now, and it is still going strong, after much abuse. The 18 inch "Churchill" model in dark brown: The leather just looks better and better with age, although I've had to replace the handles once, and get some of the stitching...
Thanks for the responses. I ended up going with the first bag -- the Atlas Churchill briefbag. I got it in the coffee color, and I am a little concerned that the color may be too dark . . . but I will have to see it in person.
Maybe hearings every other week? Sort of depends. Runs hot and cold. But I am also thinking of using it for hauling stuff too and from work on days where I don't have to bring a ton home.
I am an attorney at a large law firm in the mid-west. For bringing my computer back and forth, and when I am traveling and need the larger capacity, I have a nylon bag that is very durable that I like very much. I am in the market for a more sophisticated bag to use to bring documents to and from work and for days where I have to go to court, and am just bringing documents with me. I am looking at both top-frame, more classic lawyer bags like the top 2 (although...
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