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Quote: Originally Posted by j On the plus side, the incidence of fingernails being found in food is down 15% in restaurants that practice this. damn!!! its girlz fingernails right??? the kind they put on over there real ones? thats nasty in our food prep class we learned about all the nasty nasty thats under your nails.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Does anyone else cringe over food workers wearing gloves? The idiots seems to think they are magic. They seem to think it's okay to pick their noses, touch dirty things, like used plates, and then touch food they want you to eat! I think the use of gloves might actually have increased food born illness. at the restaurant where i still work but im outta there soon u gotta wear a mask like michael jackson...
Hey dudez!!! i got some of the bentley manuals for gm. theyre really useful. also some older manuals that i got at the flea market. that lathe is some tight shit i got total respect for machinists and others with mad skillz like that not alot a people can do that shit anymore
Vans rule! i like the blue ones with white laces. that first one u picked rockz!!! old skool!!!!!! or checker board!!!! this ones all like aloha mister hand!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara OMG Arnold is back. what up
Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 Most of them, and that still doesn't tell me how a 4 barrel carter AFB should be tuned. Figure set of 12 and 6 point sockets, 1/4 ,3/8 and 1/2 drive Same for open ended wrenches. Both metric and inch Allen and torx wrenches. Assortment of screwdrivers, nut drivers, pliers, etc. Couple of hammers, small is good. A good torque wrench A code reader, there are all based on the same chip, you can build one if you...
Mississippi. thats were my mamma came from.
Id eat a burger fries chocolate milkshake a chocolate sunday with nuts and whipping cream and maybe a cherry coke to wash it all down!!!!lol!!!!!!
Hi Guys!!!! What kinda Auto Repair Tools do you Current Own? i'm on my way to settin up my own shop with my brothers and ive been collecting a lotta tools. do you fix you r own cars?
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