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Don and Faye will get engaged for the season finale. She had a comment in the Christmas episode I believe, "people don't want to believe they're a type, but you'll be engaged before the end of the year." Or maybe they won't.
IIRC he is Don''s supposed to be his kid from when they had sex while visiting her parents or something. Only after she knows she's pregnant she has sex with the guy in the bar. I think.
I'd like to start out by saying that the opposite of everything on Emma's list is what's pissing me off. Also, America and nationalism. But the real point of my post: My girlfriend and I have only hung out 4 times for a total of 7ish hours in a four week time span (of which about 2.5 weeks she was out of town). This pisses me off to no end. If it weren't for the fact that I actually like her and she that she has semi decent excuses I wouldn't still be with her. Also...
Street Etiquette popped up on my newsfeed on Facebook. Two random "fashiony" girls were discussing it, and its sexy inhabitants. I feel like my life has come full circle - secret esoteric fashion lurking finally connecting with the rest of my life. Weird, man.
Reading the chapter "Lestrygonians" from Ulysses for my Brit Lit class. May have to read Ulysses and Portrait of the Artist of the Young Man this summer. James Joyce may be the subject of my next idol worship.
Make her lip your penis. No, seriously. Make her lip your penis.
Rejection hurts because I am a wimpy man
This is pissing in the ocean. But - A linguist's perspective: words only have meaning based on what is socially decided. Sometimes, we have socially agreed-upon rules, like fewer vs. less, so complaining about people's use of those words is one thing. However, when people get to saying that they are disturbed by the people they here mixing up however and but, something's wrong. You should realize that, since meaning is socially conditioned, it's arbitrary and...
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Top half and bottom half are each cool on their own. The duffel and gingham shirt call for something like herringbone trousers and duckboots, while the boots would be appropriate with a skinny smoking jacket and a monocle. This is just absurd enough that I think you may actually be joking.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty shadbellys worn in place of frock coats +1 Uncontrol I can't believe you dislike that, I love the skinny jeans on women. Mostly I just like girls though, I'm not terribly offended unless they do something really unattractive like dye their hair or wear northface. And before you get all defensive, that was not in any way a shot at your manhood.
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