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Gianni told me about this thread, so I thought I would contribute. Several months ago I had a piece of the London Lounge Fox Flannel, brown with a cream double stripe. It was beautiful, but somewhat old fashioned and I did not know which tailor I would give it to until I saw Gianni's blog and was inspired. I was struck by the beauty of Gianni's suit, especially the shoulders and hand work. After corresponding with Gianni a couple of times I decided to give his tailor,...
As a bit of a critic in your other post (though hardly the worst of the bunch), I must say that this is really great work, much appreciated. Can't wait for the rest.
Does he do CMT?
Don't know, but if they have spun off it would be worth contacting both M&E and R&T to see who got the inventory. There is a seller on ebay who is selling some nice M&E Saxony patterns under the R&T name, so maybe R&T is liquidating the stock. For 30£ a meter, I picked up a couple of patterns.For example : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/380687968480?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
The website appears to be working : http://www.passaggiocravatte.com/Contact details can be found on the site.
I payed by bank wire. I am in Europe and it is pretty standard. But I recommend you inquire with him. The blue tie is 9 cm and the other two are 8.5cm. The ties are bespoke, you can specify any length or width.
I just recieved three new ties from Passaggio Cravatte. The ordering process went quicker this time and Gianni was a real gent. I selected three vintage silk prints and I could not be more pleased with how they turned out. I opted for the basic three fold and once again the ties are beautifully constructed. But the biggest plus for me is the vintage silk prints which have spectacular colors .
What are the other ones? I think I see a Scabal shetland, in the middle top. I heard that Scabal is preparing another shetland and donegal book which I am hoping will be as good as their last book.
I received a couple of vintage grenadines several months ago from Passaggio Cravatte. I am now just getting around to putting up some photos. I met Gianni Cerutti at a trunk show in Paris and he is truly passionate about vintage fabrics. The brown tie is an unlined three fold and the blue tie is an unlined seven fold. As others have already mentioned, the construction is top notch and his selection of fabrics is very unique.
1) The suit was made in September 2011. I don't want to get into the price thing as things may have changed and it is always best to ask the tailor directly. I will say that at the time it was more than 2000 and less than 3000 euro.2) Concerning French tailors I have several Di Fiore suits and several Cifo. I am by no means an expert and not technical at all. I find both comfortable but the Cifo's are cut closer. The Cifo are a bit more sculpted and structured in...
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