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There was some talk of Minnis Rangoon a few pages back, the excellent and sadly sold out tropical suiting. British fabrics on ebay is selling a Rangoon pattern, mid gray chalk stripe for 25£ a meter. It is good stuff. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100-WOOL-WORSTED-SUITING-FABRIC-LENGTH-4-0-MTS-/351042762173?pt=UK_Crafts_Fabric&hash=item51bbc775bd
Add me to the list. I would be in for a suit or trouser length depending on the shade.
great stuff, love to see more photos of this type of stuff. one day i will get around to photographing my stock.
Prefer 1b but also fine with 1a.
you can put me down for 2.5
in both photos you posted of jackets you are wearing, your collar looks loose and it appears to be gaping on at least one of the sides. it would probably appear worse if your shirts were buttoned and without a sweater. i would talk to your tailor about it.
perhaps he hasn't noticed how bad your coats fit around the neck?
In my experience it does not wear significantly hotter than 14oz.
+1SartodiNapoli,I am also not here to defend Gianni, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as Bespoke51 has pointed out your ad hominem attack merits little respect.You say Davinios shirts are very good, Pirrozzi suits are good (although not the best), and Gianni's ties are good. You agree with Gianni concerning the amount of time it takes to make a bespoke shirt and the number of hand operations.If I understand you correctly your major points of disagreement is...
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