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+1, very creepy dude
honestly the fabric looks italian to me. not sure why all the suggestions are for english jacketings. i would think you would have better luck looking at the drapers, loro piana, zegna, caccioppoli, artison books.
agree with you that the old stuff was completely different and i prefer it, it hangs like iron and has a beautiful drape. but others may prefer the lighter and smoother looking new stuff. i guess part of the obsession with tonik was its history as a legendary cloth for mods and other cool Brits like Caine in Get Carter, but it was a really great cloth. It might have been the original, but there were other good 3ply mohairs back in the day, like Lesser's Lesslon or...
I don't know the price, as I don't use them. I just know they have a big middle east business. Best to ask, but I imagine it is btw 3 and 4 thousand pounds. Sorry didn't realize there were price constraints.
I imagine that several Savile Row tailors visit the middle east regularly. I would ask Dege : http://www.dege-skinner.co.uk/tailoring-visits/gulf-states/
Tonik 2000 is a very nice mohair and great at that price, but other than the brand name, it is not exactly what Caine wore. Tonik 2000 is a 2ply mohair, 10.5 oz , 70% worsted, 30% mohair. What Caine wore was some form of the orginal Tonik a 3ply mohair, around 12/13 oz, and around 55% worsted, 45% mohair. The fabrics look, feel and wear quite different.
Dear c&a, You keep including in your posts a tie of mine that you say might be an ink jet print. I can assure you that the white appearance is the result of the photo shopping. Here is another photo of the back of my tie that show more clearly that this tie is not ink jet. I have white backed ink jet ties and this is not one of them. I expect in the name of fair play, you will remove reference of my tie from all your posts on this and other sites. Its presence only...
237 years on her shoulders
actually i figured you probably knew, but that you were just making an underhanded remark about the US. as an american expat living in europe, perhaps i'm a tad sensitive.
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