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Anyone ever use Baird McNutt suiting linen? I was interested in the Glenariff line found on their cut-length site http://jhannaltd.com/
@SimonC posted back in April some lovely bolts of old english cloth. In the spirit of that post and Manton's orginal post, I would like to share some of my collection of vintage British fabrics. Here just some of my favorites. Hopefully I will have time for a few more posts. vintage flannel, the guy who sold me it claimed it was 30s but could just as easily be 50s, I don't know and don't really care, it is old and very heavy: 3 pieces of vintage 70s/80s 3ply...
I have a couple of projects ongoing with Mimmo and thought I would share the results thus far. I am not affiliated with PG and do not want to get involved in the controversy (althoguh I did take GC's recomendation to try Mimmo). I do not want to fan the flames, just thought that some people would be interested in seeing some pictures of some bespoke work. I will put up fit picks when they are completed. The suit is a three piece made from an old heavy piece of zegna...
brown barley corn please
+1 for the breanish and barleycorn (you should see if molloy will deal with this, they make great fabrics).
not quite what you are looking for but the dugdale white rose saxony has some checks that look somewhat similar to this years huntsman cloth:http://www.dugdalebros.com/online-shop/white-rose-saxony-bunch-144/
+1, very creepy dude
honestly the fabric looks italian to me. not sure why all the suggestions are for english jacketings. i would think you would have better luck looking at the drapers, loro piana, zegna, caccioppoli, artison books.
agree with you that the old stuff was completely different and i prefer it, it hangs like iron and has a beautiful drape. but others may prefer the lighter and smoother looking new stuff. i guess part of the obsession with tonik was its history as a legendary cloth for mods and other cool Brits like Caine in Get Carter, but it was a really great cloth. It might have been the original, but there were other good 3ply mohairs back in the day, like Lesser's Lesslon or...
I don't know the price, as I don't use them. I just know they have a big middle east business. Best to ask, but I imagine it is btw 3 and 4 thousand pounds. Sorry didn't realize there were price constraints.
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