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In addition to the reasons stated above, cloth often runs out. If you really like a cloth, it is better to buy it now, than risk losing out on it, a year or two down the line when you are ready to commision it. Also I am a true believer that certain types of vintage cloths are worth seeking out, for a variety of reasons, including pattern, finishing, texture, wieght, etc..
I have wanted to try the Baird McNutt linen available through http://jhannaltd.com/but was wondering if anyone have had experience with it.I have used the London Lounge and W Bill linen and both are good. I did not like the harrisons linen i used.
If you really think there is nothing impressive about making a very fat man look elegant and dignified you know less about bespoke tailoring than I thought. Please give me an example of someone his size who looks half as good as Hitch does in that picture.
maybe i'm in the minority but i prefer slew's steed to vox's. Slew's drape looks great.
I get your point, but the £130 is closer to 200 usd.
maybe i'm missing something, to my eyes his suits have tons of shape. perhaps the problem is too much shape. they are hardly shapeless. of course he is old and not skinny, so it only natural he prefers a relaxed cut. a painted on look would be ridiculous on him.
voiturier park hyatt
one of the greatest WAYWRN posts of all time, along with his posts in white tails and top hat at an ice cream parlor and a couple of years later at a taco stand.
hello dear, very dandy, complementi, i call this halloween dandy. i have touched the thirst and it is very ancient early 2000s all done by hand manipulations like 100 years ago. please let me know what you think.
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