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have a jacket with that cloth. it rules. holds it shape pretty well and wrinkles less than one would expect.
Interesting. How did he learn how to make a drape cut suit if he wasn't trained to do one at Henry Poole?
no you don't get the point. so let me spell it out for you. if andrew had simply said initially I have no experience with Rory, he seems like an interesting guy, I'm going to make a video about him in exchange for a,bespoke jacket, i'm excited to see how it turns out--I don't think you would be getting this reaction. instead it was hyperbole about the only true savile row master tailor in New york and if you want a suit there is nobody finer for the price, etc.
dude, they do it for the free clobber.
the same way we define a shill in the real world. why would it be different in e-menswear? "Shill" typically refers to someone who purposely gives onlookers the impression that they are an enthusiastic independent customer of a seller for whom they are secretly working. This is precisely what andrew did in the original thread (, trumpeting Rory's skills without initially revealing...
you sound like ask Andy Shillchrist upset with Michael Andrews bespoke. Your videos were great, but early on in the original thread you were exposed as shill and was forced to backtrack after claiming he was the best in NYC despite the fact you had never received or paid for a suit. Well its all come full circle now. and guess what, no body cares. quite sad the lengths some people will go to get a free bespoke coat. word of advice, stick to thrifting, its a lot less...
not sure, but i would guess Holland and Sherry Pardessus :
In addition to the reasons stated above, cloth often runs out. If you really like a cloth, it is better to buy it now, than risk losing out on it, a year or two down the line when you are ready to commision it. Also I am a true believer that certain types of vintage cloths are worth seeking out, for a variety of reasons, including pattern, finishing, texture, wieght, etc..
I have wanted to try the Baird McNutt linen available through was wondering if anyone have had experience with it.I have used the London Lounge and W Bill linen and both are good. I did not like the harrisons linen i used.
If you really think there is nothing impressive about making a very fat man look elegant and dignified you know less about bespoke tailoring than I thought. Please give me an example of someone his size who looks half as good as Hitch does in that picture.
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