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Lol. Much funnier than your Wall Street thread.
top fit for wall street mail room or back office IT support.
I believe you are reffering to this post :http://www.styleforum.net/t/364005/passaggio-cravatte-official-affiliate-thread/1860#post_7151688
Its your first untipped tie ever? What about this one?
or one could just buy it directly from darren beaman, aka the yorkshire tailor, for £25/m :http://www.theyorkshiretailor.com/#!product-page/hefnr/06dda100-9607-83a0-1148-2f3117b63254http://www.theyorkshiretailor.com/#!product-page/hefnr/9ff86fe8-7806-b00d-1849-d0d6126c56a7http://www.theyorkshiretailor.com/#!product-page/hefnr/c12425de-db35-6fde-a342-ace0c5343788
yes, fully lined jacket, not uncommon, typically english. no trouble, perhaps marginally less cool.
this has happened to me twice. on both occassions I asked for stiffer waistbands and it was not problem. the trousers were fixed and subsquent orders were done with the stiffer waist band. so it is certainly something italian tailors are capable of doing.
use a brush, not steam
have a jacket with that cloth. it rules. holds it shape pretty well and wrinkles less than one would expect.
Interesting. How did he learn how to make a drape cut suit if he wasn't trained to do one at Henry Poole?
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