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^^ Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak
Quote: Originally Posted by naaaaate involves a subplot about xenox being trapped helplessly in what appears to be a comically large spiderweb until the camera pans back out and you realize its just a normal sized spiderweb. I laughed way harder than I care to admit.
Late pass, but holy shit. Somebody needs to link epic posts buried in random threads for those of us who don't regularly wade through the SW&D detritus. Only stumbled upon it via willy's tumblr, of all places, lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt Do you know if all Varvatos chucks are sized like this? There were some other ones on eBay that I was maybekindasorta interested in. Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus From what I've heard, all the JV chucks and some boots are. I dunno, man, all the Varvatos Chucks I've tried fit exactly like regular Chucks (not including the low-profile ones, which have a different silhouette and fit...
Pretty sure that Gilt sale is going to be accessories only, just like every RRL sale they've had up 'til now.
^ It's heather gray, not herringbone.
Came in a few days ago, just got around to taking pics.
^ That would be the man who posted right above you, haha. Official thread (first post is outdated): Updated info:
Price drops.
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