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Price drops.
Price drops, and added some more items.
All prices include shipping within the continental US; international buyers, please PM me for a quote. __________________________________________________ TOJ oxford shirt "” SOLD _________________________________________________ J.Crew vintage fleece zip hoodie "” SOLD __________________________________________________ Gradient-dyed J.Crew thermal, size S. This a brown thermal that I dip-dyed in an attempt to produce a gradient to a darker shade at the...
Moto sold, price drop on the oxford.
Price drop.
Added TOJ white oxford.
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice There's no way this could happen in denim with blistered leather sleeves, is there?
If anyone's still into EG, there's a few random pieces at 70% off (half off + additional 40%) at SF Bloomingdale's. Some kinda ecru herringbone denim(?) that looked pretty nice for $50, and some Hawaiian print shirts and jackets if you like that sort of thing. Also one tan field jacket type thing in size L.
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