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^ What's going on with the zipper placket there... looks like it's on the outside? Unless my eyes are deceiving me.
^ Gonna guess not slim enough. To my knowledge, the only truly slim cut J.Crew makes is the 484.
Second pic is Blackbird: http://www.blackbirdballard.com/Robe...oat_16323.html Third is like a low-budget Blackbird knockoff, lol. Dunno about the first. EDIT: Well, never mind.
^ He did say he was going for the hendrix.
Quote: Originally Posted by garmis butt of jokes
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix is that a hood on the ToJ? I thought i'd seen your varsity and it didn't have a hood. must've been someone else's. He's wearing a hoodie.
Quote: Originally Posted by TotesMcGotes how "discontinued" would you say the MA1/Varsity is? Pretty darn discontinued, I'd say.
^ No. LVC '47s are undersized. I'm a 29 in J.Crew and a 31 or 32 in LVC '47s (depending on the season).
Quote: Originally Posted by max_r as for the difference between the new and old cures and new and old standards, I think its just the rise, slightly higher rise (one inch?) on the old versions. The original Cure is a completely different cut from the New Cure: in between NC and NS in terms of slimness, and without the ankle flare of NC. (It's the cut Dior 19cm is based on.)
Uncontrol and SuperBobo, the yin and yang of Styleforum.
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