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Well, there's not really anything more to be said, then. Ultimately, it's Apple's decision to price their products however they want; if the markup is unreasonable, then let it be reflected by their performance in the marketplace. I do find it amusing, though, that we're having this discussion on a forum about designer clothing, which is routinely marked up 500%+ above cost.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y You can see this in DRAM when you go from 4GB DIMMs to 8GB DIMMs right now: it's cheaper to buy 2 4GB DIMMs than 1 8GB DIMM. If you have only 1 DIMM slot and you want 8GB of memory, then you need to pay more than 2x the price of the 4GB DIMM. But if you can use 2 4GB DIMMs, then the cost is linear with capacity. Right. I was talking about the cost per "DIMM"/SSD/chip, though. Obviously, cost increases linearly...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Amazing how defensive people get when you criticize The Church, isn't it Pio? About as amazing as how quickly people will resort to snarky, dismissive comments in order to avoid having to engage the substance of an argument. Which is to say, not amazing at all. There are plenty of reasons to dislike Apple without having to make up illogical complaints that don't withstand even the most superficial...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire You make a good point, but the iPod touch, with 8 gig, is $199. So $200 for 56 gig of memory, or $3.57 per gig. I still find that expensive. First of all, flash memory pricing doesn't increase linearly with capacity, it increases exponentially. A 64GB SSD isn't just two 32GB SSDs glued together, and it costs more to make than two 32GB SSDs. In other words, cost-per-GB goes up as total capacity goes up....
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Okay, so I played with one today. $830, wifi plus 3g, 64 gig HDD. Then I noticed the iPod Classic, 160 gig. Wtf is with Apple and memory? If you can stuff 160 gigs in a music box, why is your newest computer pad only have 64 gig available, and for $250 more than a 16gig iPad? The iPod classic uses a hard drive (cheaper, larger, less durable) while the iPad (and iPhone and every other iPod) use flash...
^ Yes, they actually have molded insoles, unlike Chucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flight Bird Called up Levis flagship in San Francisco and the guy said that LVC is discontinued.... so where are you guys getting these? He's wrong. It was discontinued about a year ago (and only in the US), but it's back (under new management). They probably just don't carry it, and never got the memo.
Price drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 lolwut Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you i think they might be "partners" i dont think i could be friends with someone that dresses exactly like me lol. sh0ebox's pic is clearly 'shopped. I mean, it's a pretty good job, but it's not that good.
Price drops.
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