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Well, as one who always preferred viewing the woman take her natural gait over seeing her wobble along on her toes, I wish there were more elegant low-heel and mid-heel shoes, and more women who chose to wear them. Society has convinced women that they have a choice between sneakers and high heels, and I think both options are lousy.
I would be grateful if someone could expand on this advice, as I have no experience either washing or blocking a cashmere sweater. To this point, I have only had them cleaned, and I was under the impression that blocking requires a special device.
I just acquired an excellent vintage cashmere sweater by way of eBay. It is Alan Paine, apparently when they still manufactured in England. It is of a thick yarn with no visible pilling, and generally in excellent condition except that it has a texture I can best describe as wavy. It would appear to have lost its shape after washing. What is the best way to restore such a lovely piece to an even more lovely state?
Hackett's version of Fair Isle knitwear. Italian made of soft Geelong wool. Mens small. Mostly gray tones with very slight amounts of tan. Chest 37", height 23-1/2".
What can I say about this sweater? It is very lovely and certainly unique. It is knitted in a Fair Island technique featuring contemporary patterns and blue, yellow, green, gray, and black colors. 80% merino wool, 20% cashmere. Italy. Mens large. Paul Smith. Chest 40", center-back sleeve length 35", height 28". Retails $830. Yours, new with tags, for much, much less. Price includes shipping within ConUS.
Excellent used condition. Thick cashmere yarn. Deep v-neck. Navy, blue, white, and red. Scotland. Price includes shipping ConUS. Europe and Americas add $5. Rest of world add $10. Chest 46", center-back sleeve length 35-1/2", height 28"
All pieces $50 shipped ConUS. Europe and Americas add $5 shipping. Rest of world add $10. NWOT Toscano solid purple merino sweater Purchased several years ago from a local men's store. The saleperson cut the tags away, because the item was final sale. However, it has never been worn. Size large. Mens. V-neck. Italy. Chest 47", Center-back sleeve length 35-1/2", height 27". NWOT Toscano solid yellow merino sweater Purchased several years ago from a local...
All pieces $50 shipped ConUS. Europe and Americas add $5 shipping. Rest of world add $10. NWT Paul Smith PS mens medium blue & brown striped merino sweater Purchased several years ago directly from Paul Smith. Never worn; tags never removed. Size medium. Mens. Crewneck. Lightweight excellent merino wool. Chest 38", center-back sleeve length 33", height 28". NMT Robert Talbott mens medium black and purple contemporary argyle merino sweater. New with tags. ...
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