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Looks like the Duchamp London online sale began early this year. http://www.duchamplondon.com/
Simple question: If one wears a dinner jacket in warm weather, is it expected that the jacket be cream, or may the entire suit be of a lightweight black fabric?
It's nice but is there a service that knows how to add tassels, like these?: http://www.paulstuart.com/product_info.cfm?ProdID=5736
Silk scarves are not uncommon, but most of them are short, flimsy, and have no tassels (some have fringes, which are not nearly as nice). A few years ago I picked up some "Altea" silk scarves from STP. They are 70" long, they have dense hand-tied tassels, and they have a substantial weight. I bought them at bargain prices, but would have been happy to pay full retail. Since then I have been searching for pieces like this at any (reasonable) price. Aside from Paul...
Ok. Thank you for the correction in spelling.
Title says it all. How do you use your Sapphire products t o care for your (calfskin) shoes?
Of what qualities? I'm puzzled that it's not obvious. Of the qualities that distinguish sought-after shoes from mediocre ones: Durability of the soles, fineness of the uppers, neatness of the stitching, appeal of the antiquing, and so on. It's not just a question of models. It's also a question of quality and value. For example, AS Exclusive and C&J Handgrade both have channeled soles, but the former is $100 cheaper. Where do they make up the cost?
Canvassed vs. fused. Welted vs. cemented. Split waistband vs. "jean construction" These are all distinctions that our fathers' fathers new quite well, but almost noone today has any knowledge of them. Now, everyone I know seems to think $50 will buy you an amazing pair of trousers and $120 will fetch you the finest shoes how can own. We seem to have lost knowledge and interest in a very short amount of time. As a young person who can't remember it happening, I want to...
No knowledge of HK, but Rosen & Chadick in NYC, as I recall, sells Tom Mason fabric from swatch books.
Thoughts on the three-way comparison?
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