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I ordered from, and eagerly awaited delivery. Despite their website, it turns out their hangers are 1/2" just the same as all the others. Bummer.
T. Anthony Danes and Hathaway
For sale are seven fabulous scarves of silk and cashmere. Although all have been used moderately for several seasons, all are in excellent condition, testimony to their excellent make and their many years of service still ahead. $150 $120 each shipped ConUS. Rest of North America add $10. Rest of world add $15. 1) Tubular silk scarves. Hand fringe. Italy. a) Gold ground with blue paisley. 60" x 12". Jay Kos. b) Blue ground with blue, rust, and yellow...
Is there only one person who can provide constructive advice beyond correcting spelling? The 785+ posts on the care thread obviously covers a much more general area and in a much more lengthy way than would be called for here.
Wooden shirt hangers are generally 1/2" thick. I have quite a few shirts and need to save space in my closet, so I'd like to source slimmer hangers. Slim hangers seem to be available in ugly materials, including of course wire, but does anyone know where to get them in wood?
Looks like the Duchamp London online sale began early this year.
Simple question: If one wears a dinner jacket in warm weather, is it expected that the jacket be cream, or may the entire suit be of a lightweight black fabric?
It's nice but is there a service that knows how to add tassels, like these?:
Silk scarves are not uncommon, but most of them are short, flimsy, and have no tassels (some have fringes, which are not nearly as nice). A few years ago I picked up some "Altea" silk scarves from STP. They are 70" long, they have dense hand-tied tassels, and they have a substantial weight. I bought them at bargain prices, but would have been happy to pay full retail. Since then I have been searching for pieces like this at any (reasonable) price. Aside from Paul...
Ok. Thank you for the correction in spelling.
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