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Prices is for each shirt and includes shipping within ConUS. All washed but not worn. All spread collar. All neck size 15". Lilac herringbone w/ contrast lined collar and French cuffs. 34" sleeves. 39" chest. By TM Lewin "John Francomb". Lilac end-on-end w/ barrel cuffs. 35" sleeves. 44" chest. By Harvie & Hudson.
Maybe you would get some feedback if you gave a target price range...
Thanks for the illuminating discussion. My only remaining question is whether the choice among the various shoulder expressions is a functional difference or merely a visual one.
I have over the years acquired a large number of luxury menswear items, ranging from NWT to lightly used, which I no longer need. I can put some stuff on B&S and eBay, but generally I find it's best to leave the process of making quality images and listings to the professionals. These are not major items such as jackets from Kiton or Brioni. Rather they are many shirts, sweaters, and ties from brands such as Etro, Duchamp, Toscano, Bobby Jones, Ike Behar, Robert...
This is a very real concern, especially if brand is not well known. Better to stick to wool or a blend featuring only a small amount of cashmere.
Are there any occasions on which you wouldn't where a french cuff shirt, say for argument a plain white one? Interviews? Funerals? Do they stand out to much, in your opinion?
I recently acquired a who-knows-how-old cashmere sweater made in Scotland by Ballantyne. It looks great but for the massive number of tiny lumps of pilling all over the back and sleeves. Pulling each one by hand seems like a daunting task. Is there an easier way?
Well, you can call it what you want. I'm looking for stuff that resembles tweed but is 8-9 oz, suitable for summer.
Can anyone recommend a maker/seller of summer-weight tweeds beyond John Hardy's Riviera collection?
Their merino overcoats are actually decent, I feel, provided you buy it at one of their half price sales, and it may be the only thing you'll ever made in Haiti.
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