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I ordered some JW Hulme pieces a few years ago, and wound up sending them back. I found the construction flimsy and the materials middle-of-the-road. Alternatives, include Filson and Frost River (US), which use waxed cotton canvas, and Chapmann (UK), which uses a unique rubber bonded cotton twill. Orvis Battenkill is definitely not, at this time, made by Hulme, because, as already mentioned, Battenkill is made overseas and Hulme is made in the US. Battenkill is...
Anyone able to suggest a source for quality RTW shirts with convertible cuffs?
Depends. If security lets me carry on shampoos and toothpaste, then no problem. Otherwise, these would need to be checked.
FM Allen is currently selling some nice ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leverandon The thing is, most lawyers will not know enough about clothing to be able to distinguish between the TaT conservative suit and any other well fitted suit. I mean...just look at the suits that most lawyers wear! Its possible that there are some very conservative old-guard firms that would find it too edgy (maybe look at what they're wearing at Kirkland Ellis these days before taking it to their office) but I think...
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I like softside because they are easier to place in your jacket pocket. It's also easier for the contained glasses to be crushed.
hardside or softside? the best leather hardside case I have found is made by Sage Brown. http://www.sagebrown.co.uk/Small-Lea...sses-Case.html
It looks like there is text stamped on the hardware. Can you run a web search on the company name?
pm sent.
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