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It's good to know that I am not alone, but I am surely wondering why this particular crease pattern occurs in the case of shell chukkas.
So the high number of creases and their positions all along the vamp (in contrast to a few folds in proximity to the region of flex) is typical of chukkas, or of cordovan shoes?
A number of years ago I picked up some shell cordovan chukka boots at Ralph Lauren. Recently, the creasing pattern has become particularly substantial, as seen, with a high number of separate creases running throughout almost the entire length of the vamp. Most shoes, upon breaking in, will develop two or three folds near to the flex of the foot, but no more. For this kind of footwear, is the creasing shown at all typical?. What explains the number of location of...
Based on other new old stock I have seen, these may be from the '70's, but this answer is as much a guess as an estimate. I would not advise making a purchasing decision, frankly, based on this information, but I have addressed your question as best I can.
Major drop.
Not a huge number of data points. Alden 8-1/2C. A-E Park Avenue 8D. Paul Stuart (Stuart's Choice) 8-1/2D. Crockett & Jones are normally too wide for me whatever the size.
I normally do fine with 8-1/2D, but these are too large to consider even with tongue pads. Perhaps then it is comparable to the Barrie. I don't have a pair of Barrie for comparison.
What particular information do you need?
These shoes in near perfect condition have been worn only a handful of times. They were made by Nettleton for Westerfield. Although I was hoping to add them to my waredrobe, they are fitting to loose for me to wear. My loss is your gain. Price includes shipping ConUS. Other buyers please contact me. Shoes ship within 5 business days of payment being received. Noting uncertainty about sizing, I am accepting returns for refund of price minus shipping cost if shoes are...
General guidance for identifying button material has previously been given on styleforum, and it has been given well. The thread linked below serves as an example. In my case, however, I need particular help in identifying a material. My situation is that I have been buying mid-level MTM tailored clothing from the same source for several years now. (I don't know the name of the manufacturer because...
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