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I'm planning on ordering a pair of GT's and would like your guys' suggestions with sizing. I have a pair of the 875's that I love, 10.5 E. I could fit into the regular width, D, and stretch it out a bit to make it fit. My toes have plenty of room, aren't scrunched up in the toebox. Everyone says to size down since they are long but I want to make sure the width would still be OK if I ordered a 10. Anyone who has both boots care to comment?
i like my sugarcanes.
Quote: Originally Posted by yanks2182 I think an important step is to texture your meat. There's nothing worse than biting into a sandwich with flat meat. I fold the meat, and twist it. Don't put the slices the same way. this is key. i usually take 4 slices of meat that are bigger than the bread. i place them on the bread even on one side and have it bunched up on the other side. i make sure that there is a bunched-up side on each side of...
i chew on and off. mostly off. i like to chew when i have to clean my apartment, work with tools/build something, write research papers or help people move. it helps me concentrate/get motivated i guess. i realize it is terrible and don't do it often.
i am. try the feather artist club razor, a disposable straight. it is totally awesome.
I use the healthandyoga.com neti pot also. It works well.
I might be starting a new job with a business casual wardrobe. what should I get for staples? I am also interested in getting some dress shoes. What styles are nice/popular now? Are there any good shoes in the $100 price range?
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