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Quote: Originally Posted by apropos I'd like to revive this thread to say that I picked up a pair of Church's 'Custom Grade' Chetwynds on last 173 recently, and leather-quality wise these guys are on-par with my C&J handgrades. These are post-Prada shoes. Alas, if only they had channeled soles! (photos shamelessly stolen, but same shoe, same colour, same size) I am wearing an identical pair at this very moment. Really good shoes...
Congratulations. I have the same watch. it's really great.
I travel a couple of times every month and I always have a shoe horn in my carry-on luggage. I also have a shoe horn in my gym bag
I have a ligth Z Zegna sportscoat for summer vear. i found it on sale. Quality is OK. a little better that Hugo Boss. At discount it could be good value
I have 4 pairs of Church's none pre-prada and the quality is fine compared to the C&J and Alden i own and definitely superior to a pair of Allen Edmonds.
For home use and causal use it's practical and OK, but not for office
The tag looks rigth to me. i own a Z Zegna jacket. Why fake a Z Zegna since it is the cheap line of Zegna.
It's nice. I like the retro look. It would go along with a wide range of attires exept the more formal.
Latest purchase. On sale at KDW, Berlin Heinrich Dinkelater
Guess few of you can read this homepage, but they sell Lora Piana suits and Ermangildo Zegna suits for 3900,-DKK app 520 €. i bougth a Lora Piana suit there last year and it do not look fake to me. Fine fabric.
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