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Cigar shell, Aberdeen last, double leather sole with light edges. These are lightly worn, soles don't show much wear. I have pics I can email you, just pm me.
Suede chocolate brown Alden flex welt bit loafers with Goodyear rubber sole - 8.5D. Great condition, soles showing just a little wear. $135 shipped conus Shell cordovan Allen Edmonds macneil 9.5c. These have a dark tan/brown color like Alden ravello batches that don't have the reddish color. Only worn a few times, shell cordovan stamp is still visible on the heel. The color is really stunning in person and the shell is very smooth and new looking. $325 shipped...
Another update on my saga: got an email from rancourt yesterday with tracking info, which surprised me bc Katie told me my shell venetians would take a couple weeks to remake. I called today and talked to her again, and after checking, she confirmed that my brand new shells are already on their way to me! They made them in only a day or two apparently. She couldn't believe it but she said they pulled off a miracle. I'll be very anxiously waiting until Saturday to open...
Yes, I'm somewhat worried that my newly made pair will have some unsightly flaw, but hopefully not. I'll probably post a pic here bc I haven't seen a pair of ivys or similar with the hevea lactae sole. I'm expecting them to be the most comfortable shoes on planet Earth.
I thought id share my experience sending a pair of leffot ivy unlined shell loafers back for a resole. I sent them in about 4 weeks ago after purchasing the $125 premium refinishing package with the instructions to replace the soles with honey hevea lactae. I hadn't received any word so called them last wed or so. I was told my shoes were due to be mailed back to me on fri. I was starting to look for them in the mail, but I received a phone call today from rancourt. ...
I just got a pair of the BB cordovan boat shoes and I love them too so far. Has anyone sent some leffot ivy unlined shell Venetian loafers back to be resoled? I have a navy pair and just did the order for the premium refinish. I'm going to have a honey lactae hevea sole put on and I understand they will rework the uppers somewhat. I don't think they'll undergo as big a transformation as say an Alden LHS that gets restored though bc the footbed in the leffots is shell...
This pair has only been worn several times. Very comfortable unlined trail oxfords with vibram sole. Brown chromexcel uppers by horween.
Is $399 the best price on shell seconds during the tent sale? And I assume they are more than $399 when the tent sale is not going on?
How much are AE shell seconds normally? I understand the tent sale is going on right now and I see that they are listed for $399.
Has anyone seen a pair of shell AE's without JR soles? They haven't been resoled. Maybe special makeup? Model # is 9591. Burgundy shell Leeds.
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